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Sculpt and Shred Fitness



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There are over 3 million people in the US alone with Diabetes. Due to unhealthy habits, lack of nutritional supplements and exercise. Diabetes has become a plague and we want to be one of the forefront locations to help erase diabetes from the world. Here at Sculpt and Shred Fitness we have a specific plan that will help you combat diabetes with:


✔  Personal Health Assessment

  One on One Planning

✔  12 Boxing Classes, helping to build your stamina and get your power back.

✔ 4 foot detoxes

✔ 6 Supplements

✔ 20 Gallons of Alkaline Water


With every patient having different needs, please call our location for information and scheduling your personal consultation (773) 629-6152 to get to know you and your history so we can best help you.

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