Holistic Wellness

We take the inside to the outside approach in our care. Mr. Sanders is very keen on making sure you feel good on the inside in order to feel great on the outside.

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Tailored Fitness Solutions

Every fitness journey is unique, which is why we’ve curated a diverse range of services to meet individual needs. From high-energy group classes to one-on-one personal training, discover how we cater to every fitness goal

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Change Your Life

Where mind, body, and spirit unite. Our collective isn't just a group; it's a haven where traditional wisdom meets today's techniques. In this space, everyone is uplifted and embraced by a community of shared values.

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Personal Training Sessions

Whether you're a newbie looking to find your rhythm or a seasoned athlete aiming for the next level, our certified trainers are here to guide, motivate, and push you toward your peak performance.

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Meet Mr. Sanders

Renowned athlete and sought-after trainer to TV stars like those from "Chicago Fire," Andrew Sanders stands at the forefront of holistic fitness guidance. Andrew's integrated approach ensures personalized diets and comprehensive workouts go hand-in-hand, maximizing results and addressing conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. A self-taught physiologist and physiotherapist, he emphasizes injury prevention and full-body alignment. Advocating a plant- and fish-rich diet, Andrew's credentials also shine with black belts in Hapkido and Kendo, and awards in powerlifting. A graduate from Southeastern Illinois College, he's a certified EMT, aerobics instructor, and personal trainer. Whether a budding athlete, an actor, or someone starting their fitness journey, Andrew promises transformative results from within.

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